30 November 2012

♥ Shortcut Chatting ♥

Salam Jumaat semua..
Hari ni aku nak share tentang singkatan dlm berchatting...
Kdg2 mcm2 kite jumpe 
tp xtau ape maknenyer...
kat ni aku shared yg selalu digunakan la...
ada byk lg sbnrnya..
tp rase xpenting yg laen tu..
so ni jek la yg penting.
dan yg selalu gune..

jum terjah...

2moro  Tomorrow
2nite  Tonight
AKA  As Know As
ASL  Age Sex Location
ASAP ✿ As Soon As Posible
BF ✿ Boyfriend
BRB Be Right Back
BTW  By The Way
B4N  Bye For Now
BFF  Best Friends Forever
DIY  Do It Yourself
FYI  For Your Information
GR8  GreatGF - Girlfriend
GTG  Got To GoIC- I See
ILY  I Love You
J/K  Just Kidding
L8R  Later
LMAO  Laughing My Ass Off
LOL  Laughing Out Loud @ Lots Of Love
NP  No Problem
NOOB  New person to a site or game
OL  Old Lady
OM  Old ManOIC - Oh, I See
OMG  Oh My God
OT  Off Topic
SYR  Serve You Right
TQ  Thank You
THX @ TX @ THKS  Thanks
TMI  Too Much Information
TTYL  Talk To You Later @ Type To You Later
TYVM  Thank You Very Much
WEG  Wicked Evil Grin
WTF  What The F***
WTH  What The Hell
WYWH  Wish You Were Here
XOXO  Hugs and Kisses

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