19 December 2013

♥ Syukur Alhamdulillah ♥

Sometimes we forgot to say it..

Allah never forget us...

many things happen around us..
so many things have happen at us...
things that make us sick...
things that made us happy...
things that leave a deep wounds in us,
that we wish we were dead..

instead of wishing to be dead,
we should say 
because during this test,
they will remind us of Allah
and help us to rely on Him

all of this occurrence happen for a reason,
what the reason is,
we may not know it..
Allah knows best..
Allah has prepared everything for us..
we must believe in Allah judgement...

alhamdulillah di atas segala nikmat yang diberikan...
terima kasih Ya ALLAH SWT...

i am thankful for everything that happen to me..
it doesn't come as surprise,
but still i am thankful..
though i may be sad and upset,
but still Allah is with me..
hearing all my claims and problems,

and yet, 
Allah doesn't leave me..
always by my side...


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